“America’s Disturbing Wealth Disparity”

My last column of the year focuses on the rising levels of income inequality in the United States and potential solutions to the problem.


“Ann Coulter & Tolerance?”

In this month’s column, I discuss Ann Coulter’s upcoming visit to campus as featured speaker for the College Republicans’ annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

“Abortion Eradication, Not Criminalization”

First column of the new semester offers a pro-choice perspective from a vocally pro-life environment. While end goal is the same, ideas of how to get there vary quite differently. Check it out here!

“Double Standards: A Spooky Reality”

Check out my most recent column (and the growing number of comments!) published in The Observer on 11.5.13 on gender inequality at Notre Dame.

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Paper to Pixels: the Future of News


What is the current state of the newspaper and our larger media? How is the public responding to the increasing changes to the traditional ways of receiving information? My Storify assignment for Future of News begins to answer such questions in a multimedia essay–a format that could not be more fitting for the topic. Check it out for an analysis of today’s media, as well as evidence in the form of photos, tweets, news articles, and video.

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