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“America’s Disturbing Wealth Disparity”

My last column of the year focuses on the rising levels of income inequality in the United States and potential solutions to the problem.


The Ideal J-School (by “Dean” Morris)

While many argue that journalism is to be learned through experience and inherited through intuition, much can be gained from a classroom education. Today’s journalists must be well-versed not only in the classic skills of the field, but in the increasingly vital tangentials of technology and data that now play an active role in modern journalism. At the University of Notre Dame, the Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy minor presents the ideal opportunity for aspiring journalists to learn the essentials while simultaneously purusing additional courses of study in other realms. As many scholars and field experts note, truly great journalists often draw from a wealth of knowledge that spans much further than the specifics of the trade itself. With this holistic attitude in mind, the seven following courses encapsulate the “ideal” JED minor, to be paired with a major in a complementary field:

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