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An Evening with John Jeremiah Sullivan

I feel that I’ve yet to fully realize how lucky I am to have spent Tuesday evening with John Jeremiah Sullivan, a gem I just recently discovered. If you find yourself unable to recognize the name, as I did a short week ago, relieve yourself of ignorance by exploring his extensive trove. Sullivan, like legends David Foster Wallace and Joan Didion to whom he has been rightly compared, captures the fabric of our weird, vast American culture in a way that makes the ordinary deliriously funny and the strange surprisingly sympathetic and real. In his works, he recounts marching with impassioned Tea Partiers, befriending Appalachian Christian Rock fans named Bub and Pee Wee, and toking up before “It’s a Small World” with the slightest hope of enduring the saccharine parallel universe that is Disney.


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“Abortion Eradication, Not Criminalization”

First column of the new semester offers a pro-choice perspective from a vocally pro-life environment. While end goal is the same, ideas of how to get there vary quite differently. Check it out here!