Audio Project: LGBTQ & Notre Dame

The relationship between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ community has been capturing headlines around the world. In light of recent events, most notably Pope Francis’ recent remarks that many took to be an important first step in mending a historically arduous relationship, I decided to cover the growing LGBTQ presence at Notre Dame and explore how students are responding. After decades of fighting for official recognition, the university finally approved PrismND in 2013, Notre Dame’s first gay-straight alliance. On October 11, the new organization celebrated National Coming Out Day around campus, which proved to be a day full of optimism and appreciation for the progress that has been–and continues to be–made at the world’s most prominent Catholic university.

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4 thoughts on “Audio Project: LGBTQ & Notre Dame

  1. localfood says:

    Nice job! Love the music 🙂 does your prof ask that you attribute the students’ comments? And what about a sign off: “this is Sarah Morris reporting for Notre dame Radio.”

  2. Thanks. He didn’t specify about naming students, but rather left it up to us; only suggestion was “emulate the pros.” And considered a sign off but ultimately deemed it too cheesy!

  3. AmyMo says:

    Wow. Nice job niece.

  4. Gregory says:

    Great work! Your parents make me proud! Thank you.. 🙂

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