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Paper to Pixels: the Future of News


What is the current state of the newspaper and our larger media? How is the public responding to the increasing changes to the traditional ways of receiving information? My Storify assignment for Future of News begins to answer such questions in a multimedia essay–a format that could not be more fitting for the topic. Check it out for an analysis of today’s media, as well as evidence in the form of photos, tweets, news articles, and video.

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Welcome to the family, iPad.

My first days with the iPad, while entertaining and enjoyable, have not revolutionized my relationship with news quite yet. Perhaps the most surprising revelation to come about hitherto has been how I must continue to remind myself about its presence and to actually use it. This is probably due to a combination of an insanely busy weekend and my strong habitual tendencies, but I do not fear that it will soon enough weave its way into my life with little turbulence.

As a proudly self proclaimed “Mac person,” I had no trouble diving right into the iPad’s beautiful interface and equipping it with apps galore. In addition to the old favorites that I have grown to love, I have appreciated the opportunity to explore other realms of the App Store that would have eluded me if not for this class. The past few days have been filled with treks deep into the App Store. Thirty, maybe forty-five minutes will have passed before I realize that I have been swiping, scrolling, and searching, each discovery proving more exciting than the last. And, although the App Store is notorious for breaking your heart with brilliant looking apps that turn out to be mediocre at best, my travels through its continuum have unearthed some great ones. I quickly stocked the shelves of my Newsstand with the obvious candidates: New York Times, Columbia Journalism Review, San Francisco Chronicle, and the New Yorker. Afterwards, I loaded up on the “Journalism Essentials” including Flipboard, Twitter, NPR News, Evernote, and Buzzfeed. Most of these finds are content driven, but I look forward to experimenting with more tool and production based apps in the weeks to come.

While I cannot say if my level of connection, engagement, or informedness has increased over the past five days, I can definitively say that the potential excites me. I figure that I have started from a fairly high level of engagement already, as my iPhone is constantly delivering headlines to my pocket. I am quite sure that the iPad will enhance and increase these experiences, and moreover, give me new skills that my other tech standbys cannot. Welcome to my Mac family, iPad. We’re glad to have you.

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Hello reader[s]. Welcome to my blog! As a fledgling blogger, I ask that you bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of this new art-form. At the moment, homegrown daydreams exists primarily for my Future of News class, but who knows where blogging will take me. Expect to see posts that explore the topics of journalism, new media, popular culture, Notre Dame, politics, current events, music, film, and whatever else grabs my attention on any given day. Thank you for stopping by!